Le professeur Mc Keith qui est considéré comme le leader mondial de la recherche sur le maladie à corps de Lewy a constitué une équipe internationale (la France y est représentée par le docteur Frédéric Blanc) qui a récemment diffusé les nouveaux critères de diagnostic, qui devraient permettre de réduire la confusion actuelle avec Alzheimer ou Parkinson. Cette vidéo évoque les derniers travaux de recherche.

Visionner la vidéo des travaux du professeur McKeith Spotlight on dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) DEMENTIA CARE NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY


Date de la dernière modification : 21 avril 2018



I think people are very aware now of the importance of dementia. Most of us have heard of Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia. But less people have heard about dementia with Lewy bodies, which is the second most common cause. Until fairly recently, Lewy body dementia was confused with Alzheimer’s disease, and the majority of patients were diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease. It’s very important that a person with dementia with Lewy bodies gets an accurate diagnosis, because the management of the condition is different from other types of dementia.

Over the last 10 or 15 years, we’ve become aware of dementia with Lewy bodies as a separate condition, largely because we had established a collection of brain tissue from people who died with dementia and we were able to examine the changes in their brain after their deaths, and this is how we first recognised and discovered that Lewy body dementia existed and was common. Then we were able to move on to look at the histories of those people, see what kind of symptoms they’d had, and that allowed us to start diagnosing it during lifetime.

Once given an accurate diagnosis, then the clinician are able to plan out appropriate management covering all of the different kinds of symptoms, and we’re able to offer effective treatment for the first time. We then worked in collaboration with GE Healthcare to adapt one of their existing brain imaging techniques, called DaTscan, in order that it was useful to distinguish dementia with Lewy bodies from other types of dementia. A group in Newcastle University have taken an international lead around dementia with Lewy body research for almost the last two decades. We have pulled together all of the interested groups around the world to develop diagnostic guidelines and to make sure that these are being implemented and used very widely.

Most recently, the diagnostic criteria which we established have been incorporated into the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is the bible for diagnosis, and this means that, if you like, that dementia with Lewy bodies has become an official disorder. The next steps in our research are to collaborate with other groups internationally, to use the tissue resources that we have between us in order to develop ideas for new treatments. We already have some new molecules in the pipeline that probably will have potential to prevent disease or to treat patients as they are symptomatically at the moment

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